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25/11/2016 NEW: BDEv 2.3 is released! Check out the News section.

BDEv is a tool to evaluate Big Data processing solutions in terms of performance and resource efficiency. It includes several ready-to-use frameworks (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Flink) and manages the configuration needed to leverage the available computational resources, like CPU, memory and network interfaces. The evaluation of these frameworks can be done by using different benchmarks (e.g. TeraSort, WordCount) included in the BDEv distribution, while also enabling the execution of custom commands. Moreover, BDEv eases the execution of experiments and the task of recovering results by providing automatically generated graphs.

BDEv has evolved from MREv [1], which was originally aimed to evaluate HPC-oriented MapReduce frameworks. MREv has been used for research purposes in [2], which analyses the behaviour of HPC-oriented MapReduce frameworks on an HPC cluster. It has also been used in the evaluation of Flame-MR [3], an efficient MapReduce framework that improves the performance of Hadoop.